Cynthia’s Journey with Breast Cancer – Chapter 1


My name is Cynthia I am a 55 year old hispanic woman.  I am a mother of four adult children and a proud grandmother of nine .

Cynthia Romero at the age of 55 in 2011.

 The Lord has put it in my heart to share my testimony of  Breast  Cancer.  My Journey has been like a roller coaster with many emotions.  No matter what I faced daily i never gave up hope. I had loved ones encouraged me to fight the fight.  My brother David once told me ,”  keep laughing and joking don’t ever stop or change”. At times thats exactly what I did to help me through the roughest times . 

 So this is my story . I pray that you will be blessed and continue to share my Testimony with people you know who are going through what I have gone through .  My fight will never end .  I have to stay positive and focus on my Heavenly Fathers words .  Through this experience I have learned so much about myself and I have prayed whole heartedly to overcome all this.  May the Lord bless you.    

 Cynthia Romero

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 I have thought about writing my testimony and started many times and didn’t complete it .  I know all this is not easy to put on paper .  But I want to be obedient to my feelings and sharing this Journey with you . I will begin my story with prayer .  Heavenly Father , I come before you my God and I ask you to give me the proper words to share my testimony . I pray that whoever reads this will be blessed and may your words that you give me Lord will manifest in their lives as it was and is in my life . Amen

I want to encourage women to please get your check ups regularly and mamograms .  Take care of your bodies . You have to find time for yourself and get checked .  You  have to live today as it was your last .    While going through these past few months of battling with Cancer and to fight to live ..  I leaned on this scripture . 

  Palms 55 : 16-17  ” But I call to God , and the Lord will save me .  I complain and groan morning , noon ,  and night , and he hears my voice.”

Discovering The Lump Sept 2011

I was in the shower when i felt the medium size lump in my left breast .  I kept touching it and I rolled it but it wasn’t painful .  I knew deep inside this was not right .  I have heard many stories about lumps and tumors .  I was hoping deep inside that it wouldn’t be anything .  I knew that breast cancer didn’t run on my mother’s side . So I wasn’t scared that much .  I told my daughter and I knew i needed to call and make a appointment to get it check .  I made the appointment for the following week . 

My doctor examined me and asked me questions .  I had no idea of ever noticing my lump before , but just as i was feeling that unfamiiar lump i was also experiencing a pain on my left arm .. My doctor suggested that I get a mamogram and a ultrasound since It was a very long time since I had  neither one of them .  The appointment was set for me to go to the lab and and see the radiologist doctor .  When i walked into that office , I was a bit nervous. My name was called and I was asked to change into a paper gown that didn’t even fit me . I don’t like having mamograms done . I hate the pressing hard of your full breast being stretch for them to take a good picture . It had to be done .  Then I had a Ultrasound . Cold jell rubbed over my breast and then on the right side .  Once that was completed the nurse called in the doctor. He then performed the Ultrasound  . Now I was really getting nervous and concerned about the doctor doing this himself .  I felt like the nurse saw something herself and probably wanted the doctor do see for himself . Whatever it was they found I was told to get dressed and they would call me in the doctors office to go over both test . Hugo and I waited out in the Lobby .  Until my name was called .. We walked into this gloomy dark office . The doctor was focusing on the these large screens on his desk . He was looking and going over the x-rays .   I sat down and stared as well at the large screen not knowing what i was looking at  . I would glance at Hugo every so often . The doctor started explaining to me of his theory of the results . He said 99% he was positive that I had Breast Cancer . He said due the shape being rooted like image  he was more than certain . The radiologist set a appointment for the next week so I could have a biopsy . I waited til Hugo helped me out of that office .  I had no many thoughts racing through my mind .  Wondering what all these test results would come back has.

First natural thought was Am I Going To Die ?  I don’t want this happening to me in my life at this time , I have plans for my life . I was loosing weight and preparing myself for the gastric bypass .  Until I found the lump . Now all my plans have to be put on hold .  My thoughts went to my children and my grandchildren . I couldn’t imagine what my future from weeks from here or  days would be like from here on  . Its like my world stopped . Nothing mattered anymore . Only to find out whats really happening to me and my body . I had to find out within myself how am I gonna deal with the news telling my family . Seeing Gabriel come to the doctors office .  I just broke down and cried .. I cried so hard and deep .. Like my inner self died   Thats all I could think of cancer equals death . I felt at this moment like no one will or could understand how I felt .  I wanted to know everything and I wanted to know the truth .  But I do believe doctors don’t explain or say everything and that limited information is not good enough for me.

Getting The Results

My Family and Myself all met at the primary doctors office . They were all my support group . My Brother David & his wife Mary  , My daughter Vanessa, My daughter Danielle , My son Gabriel and his Partner Hugo , gathered around in the waiting room. I needed my family I didn’t want to be alone and my family wanted to be there . Finally my name was called and we were taken to a small room ,  My son Gabriel and my brother David came with me .  My blood pressure was taken and temperature . We sat in the room and waited for the doctor . She finally walked in and went to sit down and logged into her computer to read all the lab results .The doctor told us she couldn’t understand the results and why the test came back negative . I said out loud it’s Jesus . So many have prayed for me and the doctor said she was going to look further into this she was puzzled and didn’t accept what she was reading .. She stated the radiologist doctor was saying he was 99% sure it was cancer and basically he was always pretty much right .

My family and myself left the doctors office feeling so happy that the test results were negative . We all decided to go and eat sushi to celebrate the great news . A few days later my doctor called me and explained that not all the test results were not in at that time I was in her office . The rest of the test came back from another a lab . I was like ,” what are you talking about  you said it was negative’ . she said “Cynthia , I am sorry to say but your test came back positive for Breast Cancer ” . I was speechless and I couldn’t believe what she was telling me  . Her last words were to me , was make a appointment so I can give you a referral to a local oncologist and a surgeon . I hung up the phone and I played her words over and over in my mind. I have Breast Cancer , ” Me” !!! I broke down and started crying like a mad woman . I was wishing my mother hadn’t died months earlier . I needed to talk to her , I needed my mother’s support . but I couldn’t have it !! I started calling my children and telling them what the doctor said . It was so unbelievable . I was even more upset cause this doctor knew how I had a supported family and she broke the news to me when I was alone .  Later that night my children came to see me they came one by one and we were all together . It was very upsetting for all of us . Never  had I gone through something so dramatic before .  Its not the same as loosling a family member .


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