Chapter 5 – Hats & Beanies & Scarfs – Breast Cancer Journey

I never was a hat person but when I lost my hair .  I started experimenting  with different looks .   Most of the time I would walk around in my apartment with my nice shape bald head . That’s what my family would say . That I had a perfect round nice head .  In fact the grandchildren would say when they first saw me put on a one of the three wigs that I had bought . ” grandma I don’t like you with hair !”  apparently they were now used to my bald hair . And to get my attention they would come behind me or lay or sit next to me and start rubbing my head .  I couldn’t complain because it felt good and I loved it at the same time . You should see my drawers , I have many different colors of bandana’s . I have knitted beanies and hats that were donated by people to the City of Hope . So everytime I went for a appointment I would get a hat or scarf to add to my collections .

My cousin Belinda came to the hospital and bought me several different kinds of hats and colors and styles .  I wear them . I was told when I go out in the sun make sure my head is covered.  I didn’t like how my head at first would be like a sticky feeling , I guess it was from the hairs that came out . At first I bought a black do rag , because it was tight and that helped all the loose hairs go into it . When my head had that ugly sticky feeling I would just get a wet cloth and wipe my head .   I was getting to like the baldness because no bad hair days .  I suppose it is going to feel strange now that the chemo is over with and my hair starts growing back .  

I loved eating sugar free ice creams of any sort .  For myself it helped me from not getting sores in my mouth .  Yes Chemo the beast was harshed on me .  At least I did two rounds of it . I am happy it is behind me now . I didn’t like many of the side effects . I pray for those who are going through chemo its not easy . I can’t tell you everything you might feel because I do believe everyone goes through it different . So we will leave it as that .

Until We Meet Again

.. Remember you don’t have to have Cancer or be ill to have faith .  Love who you are and love your Family . Be encouraging for others and if someone you know is struggling be there for them . We all have a purpose in Life . I know I found mine now .. .God Bless You All

                                                            Me & My Cousin Belinda

Credits for Photos By Hugo & Gabe

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