Chapter 2: Breast Cancer Journey – It Has A Name

Now this cancer has a name  .  The name of my type of Breast Cancer is called  Invasive Ductual Carcinoma stage 2.   I actually don ‘t have any idea how long it had been there .  All I know that this type of cancer can be agressive and spread to other organs . My son Gabriel told me Mom,” Now you have to have a positive attitude” . “You have to pray and fight no matter what “.  I thought to myself how can I think positive thoughts and be strong when I could have cancer everywhere in my body . Lots of ifs and whats thoughts ran through my mind. I cryed just to think of all this .I was more scared not knowing what the days ahead of me would be like . 

  My doctor gave me two referrals and I didn’t like the type of services rendered I recieved from neither one of them. So I spoke to one of my other personal doctors I have known for over six years and I trust him . He suggested I go to City of Hope . I took his advice I called City of Hope and I was accepted over the phone as a new patient due to my Insurance coverage .

November 28, 2011 i had my first appointment at the Women’s clinic . Gabriel and Hugo and my older son Orlando were there for that appointment .  I had a woman doctor , she was thin and young looking . She went over all my lab work and discussed with all of us about her recommendations for surgery .  I now had a date December 12, 2011.  I had to complete several tests and lab works to make sure I can handle and under go the operation .  I had a choices to make by which was good compared to some that don’t have that option.

 I was given two options  neither I can have a Lumptectomy or a Mastectomy .  I was also given the percenage on each one of my choices  of what my chances were of the cancer to ever return . If I chose the lumptectomy this would  only removed the tumor and I would be advised to get radiation for 6 weeks which means going to the hospital daily for 5 straight days and it would be 7% of possible reoccuring .

 If I had the Mastectomy the chances of the cancer returning was 1%. My lymphnodes would be tested this would determine if the cancer had spread.  My doctor said I would possibly have to go through chemo . It wasn’t a easy decision to make .  I had pictured in my mind how would I look with only one breast . Again many thoughts went through my mind .  I had to make a tough decision because  this was my body ,  I have to live with this decison . I tryed to think about this and give it deep thought . 

 How would I really feel as a woman . Although I don’t have a man in my life at this time but would I be accepted as a full woman when I do this precedure. Would a man really want a woman with only one breast ? I decided to put those thoughts aside and think about my health and if i wanted to live then i had to make the best decision . I gave my answer . I wanted the Mastectomy . The rest of my thoughts as a woman after surgery , I would just have to face each circumstance as it comes .  

 So I leaned towards God’s word .  My thoughts were no matter what , I am going to trust him and keep praying  to Him. I reminded myself of the promises in Romans 8:28  “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God : those who are called according to His purpose ”  I can’t understand why God allowed Cancer to come into my life but i was going to stand strong the best way i possibly could .

Getting prepared for my surgery i had several appointments in one day . Sometimes it was 4 to 5 . At times Gabriel had to work so Hugo was the one who was taking me to all my appointments .  One day while waiting around for my name to be called . I noticed two ladies , one with a scarf around her head and another lady holding a notebook . I started to ask questions and it turned out to be a mother and daughter . The older women was back again for brain cancer since 2010 .  She looked tired and was trying to smile at us. The daughter showed Hugo and myself how she made a notebook with all her mothers information ,  insurance, lab works , summary list of all medications . and bussiness cards of doctors of who her mother had seen .   It was such a good idea to have all that information available for each of my future appointments . Hugo and I put a notebook together .  We were ready for the upcoming appointments .

A Whole New World

Being wheeled through the corridors of City of Hope .  Was so odd at first to see . So many people in and out of rooms , waiting in lines , waiting for their names to be called .  People of all races .  Their were ladies who wore wigs and some who wore hats or scarfs to cover their baldness . I was given free beanies that were made and donated to the cancer patients . I would just run the whole scene through my mind and think this is my life now and i am like the rest of the people that are here .


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